Welcome to the BoardGame Tool

Made in GLADE

The BoardGame Tool is a project to develop a front-end for playing more or less traditional boardgames through a computer interface. The front-end consists of a C++ program using a GTK+ GUI and several libraries (XML++, ImageMagick) for handling common problems. The back-end used for implementing game rules is currently using an embedded Python implementation.

It features:

  • XML specification with DTD validation for game definition
  • Easy-to-learn Python programming for rule implementation
  • Integrated and transparent network play
  • Network chat with selected players
  • Simple interface for programming AI players
  • Extensive support for image formats
  • Runtime scaling of images, allowing easy application of anything as gamepiece

NEW: 2004-03-08 The Go game was just commited to CVS. It features detection of the so-called Situational Super-Ko rule and a crude but hopefully effectiv end-game scoring method.

Download the CVS snapshot of the front-end or the collection of games.

Games currently implemented:

  • Chess
  • Go

Please visit the SourceForge summary page for more information. Documentation is available as SourceForge DocManager content and can be downloaded as a single package through the SourceForge File release system.

When submitting Requests For Extension (RFE), please look at the open and assigned tasks or the submitted requests and bugs.